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Common questions faced while solving problems

What is information on a need-to-know basis?

How do we use the resources at hand to find and solve the problem?

Why do we need to establish distinct problem solving methods?

How do we decide on what the information needed depends?

Mathematical Information

After you see that you need math to solve a problem, you need to get the required math skills to solve it. After you get the math skills, you "test drive" with a couple of problems and then solve the problem at hand.

Project 8 (page 45)

Skill level 1

What is density?

What is heat?

What is the difference between temperature and heat?

What is latent heat and how is it different from the heat that you know?

What are the units of measurement of mass, heat, temperature?

What are latent heats of fusion and vaporization?

Skill level 2

Comparison after calculation

Project 7 (page 37)

Skill level 1

Do you really need to get lost with the figures provided?

What is the underlying principle of the problem?

QIII f) Please look at the facts available and then try to formulate your solution

Skill level 2

What is the underlying principle here?

What changes do you have to make in your calculation to solve this problem as compared to the skill level 1 scenario?

Hint: Remember, you need to add the interest money in the principal amount each month before calculating the total next month.

Interlude 1 (page 41)

Please read the given information try to answer problem 1.

Project 12 (page 59)

What is the math we need to solve this problem?

Make sure you understand all the terms in the problem.