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Hi! Thanks for visiting this page. If you are here by mistake I'm sorry but this is the personal homepage of an Indian.India
       My name is Subhashish Dutta Chowdhury and I stay in Vashi, New Bombay.





I am a software developer interested in databasing and web integration technologies.I believe in open systems and that the answers to most development problems lie in using Java. In other words

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I like to chat too and those of you who would like to share their opinions with me online can find me in ICQ chat by the name Subbu. .

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Other interests I have are reading classic literature as well as fiction, music and among sports, I like to watch cricket, basketball, tennis and soccer. I also am developing an interest in fusion music. I like to watch English and Hindi films.

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I make websites. If you are interested in getting your site designed, please contact me.

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